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A Cup of Tea in January

Christi, Me, and Kari
Earlier in the month I attended a lolita meetup at A Cup of Tea in Kailua.

Pretty Gina with a cute Vanessa in the background.

Elegant Angela.

I just had to take a close up of Kari with the pink wallpaper, it matched her so well.

Tiff, Me, and Paul
Me making a strange face behind Tiff and Paul.

The Girls

The Girls 2

Christi and Steve
Christi and Steve! It is always a treat getting to see them :).

My lovely friends.

The Girls 3
A shot with Rachael! It felt like old times ;_;.

Christi, Me, and Kari 2
Me in Emily Temple Cute surrounded by AP (I think).

Me and Rachel
Me and cute Rachael.

Wilma, Gina, and Aileen

Me and Ku'i
Me and my man.

Austin and Kari
Austin and Kari munching on yummy sandwiches.

The gathering was a lot of fun and the food much better than I remembered. I wish A Cup of Tea wasn't so far away from my house so I could go more often :(.


Feb. 8th, 2012 02:47 am (UTC)
Yes I did, and thanks!