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Afteroon Tea at the Veranda in August

At the end of August I went to tea at the Halekulani hotel with Kari :).
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Hot Udon and Vegetable Tempura
After tea we walked around and window shopped then ate dinner at Marukame Udon. The udon was pretty good but the atmosphere and heat in the restaurant were horrid :P.

1st Marriage Anniversary

Last month was me and Ku'i's first marriage anniversary. We went to Stage Restaurant for dinner and had a mini staycation in Waikiki later in the week.
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Chocolate Pearls
For our anniversary Ku'i got me some goodies from Q-Pot (including this chocolate pearl chocolate strawberry necklace) and red roses. He knows me!
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Me with ebi onigiri.
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Me and Ku'i
Me and Ku'i at Doraku Sushi happy hour.
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July Adventures

Aileen & Me
Aileen and me at the Hound and Quail: Hound & Quail
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Seafood Ravioli
Amazing seafood ravioli at Le Cacao Bistro.
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Dinner at Stage

At Stage
Me and Ku'i went to Stage for dinner last night.
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Recent Food Adventures

I want to be the girl with the most cake.
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Group Shot
Dinner at Eggs n' Things.
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Eat Meat
A bunch of us tried out Salt in Kaimuki, after we were turned away at The Pig and the Lady. Unfortunately they did not have the advertised late night menu available :(.
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Recent Get-Togethers

Dolly-kei/mori girl meetup at Yogurstory.
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Brunch Table
Dolly kei/mori girl meetup at Cafe Laufer.
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Group Shot 2
The gals at Cream Pot.
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Long Time no Post

Now that Summer has arrived I'll finally have some time to update on my beloved LJ and cruise my friend's page :D! Some pictures of me and my two best friends at Yogurstory from last month.
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Valentine's Dinner 2011

Amuse Bouche
For Valentine's dinner Ku'i took me to Stage where we had the Valentine's 5 course menu. First the amuse bouche.

We both had the corn chowder with crab. When we first got the soup it was cold which made Ku'i angry, especially since we had to wait half an hour to be seated even with reservations. Then they took the bowls and gave them back to us boiling lava hot :).

Hamachi Sashimi
For the second course I had the hamachi sashimi while Ku'i ate the beef carpaccio. I tried a bite of it and decided raw beef wasn't really for me. He loved it though.
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Just updating because I can't sleep ;_;. I'll probably watch some Kids in the Hall on Netflix and try to go to bed.

J'adore Wildfox

Wildfox Couture - Vive La France from ny lon on Vimeo.

I love Wildfox...especially the current Spring 2011 Marie Antoinette/France inspired collection. They really are the most comfortable tees/sweaters, etc. Too bad they are so expensive, I always troll ebay hoping for a good deal on their items. My Wildfox ice cream sweater is one of my favorite items in my wardrobe:
Champagne French Bakery Cafe 2

On a side note I had a wonderful day today. I'm so lucky to have so many awesome friends <3.



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