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A Cup of Tea in January

Christi, Me, and Kari
Earlier in the month I attended a lolita meetup at A Cup of Tea in Kailua.
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The gathering was a lot of fun and the food much better than I remembered. I wish A Cup of Tea wasn't so far away from my house so I could go more often :(.

Loli Day, Old Friends, and Wonderland

Loli day
On loliday a few of us had dinner at JJ's French Pastry. I wore Aatp. Everyone looked lovely!

Recently I had dinner with an old high school friend that I hadn't seen in years. We ate dinner at Gyukaku...afterwards I had a stomachache all night :P.

On Tuesday I participated in a Wonderland photo shoot with wonderful people :). It was a lot of fun! I pretended to be the White Queen.
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29th Birthday in November

Jar of Honey
I turned 29 in November. My last year in my twenties woo-hoo! Ku'i got me a very adorable Winnie the pooh honey (hunny) necklace from Q-pot.
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Zarli and Me
That Friday I celebrated with my lovely friends at Gazen Izakaya. We had a nice dinner then sang some silly songs at Nocturna Lounge and drank shochu.
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Me, K, and T
On Saturday I had a more intimate dinner at the Amuse Wine Bar with my two oldest friends. After we ate we hung out at Nocturna Lounge drinking shochu and playing Street Fighter and Guitar Hero. I'm very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

October 2011 Adventures

Ku&apos;i and Me
Me and Ku'i at Izakaya Tairyo.
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The Girls
At the Honolulu Academy of Arts Art After Dark 2011 Halloween event.
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Me and Aileen
We had a Dolly Kei meetup at GS studio. I wore an Autumn Gunne Sax coordinate and Aileen wore a black and white ensemble with an awesome crown she made.
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HEXXP Fashion Show and In-Laws

I participated in a Japanese street fashion show at HEXXP earlier this month. One of several pics taken from the wonderful Zarli: http://ryusen.smugmug.com/
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Me and In-Laws
After the fashion show I had a retirement dinner with the in-laws at Gazen Izakaya. Me with my bro in law Tim and his fiancee Laci.
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September Meetup at Le Cacao Bistro

Group Shot
Last month we had a lolita meetup at Le Cacao Bistro.
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September Food Adventures

Me with Xiao Long Bao
Me and Ku'i finally went to Jin Din Rou. I liked the foie gras xiao long bao but everything else was soso.
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Just one pic of my cat under her new favorite hiding place (my beach floatie).


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